BeHealth Solutions Closes Financing Round

April 18, 2016

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – BeHealth Solutions, LLC (“BeHealth”) announced today that it has successfully closed on a $2.17 million financing round led by Murray-Bertron of Tampa, FL.  The investment enables BeHealth to expand sales, marketing and product development efforts for its flagship product, SHUTi ( a digital health solution for insomnia, and to extend into digital offerings that address other highly prevalent and costly health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and hypertension.


BeHealth is expanding access to affordable and effective behavioral health care through the use of scalable and cost-efficient technology.  The company licenses SHUTi and other technologies developed by BeHealth’s founders in the University of Virginia Behavioral Health and Technology Lab, and regularly collaborates with top e-health researchers around the world.  BeHealth is committed to evidence-based solutions and SHUTi has the most substantial evidence base of any digital program for insomnia, with over 7 years and $10 million invested in 5 completed RCTs and 6 more ongoing RCT’s.


“Changing public health policy, rapidly escalating healthcare costs, and a shift towards value-based care are driving employers, healthcare payers and healthcare providers to implement effective behavioral health strategies. Traditional delivery models pose numerous barriers to care, including high costs and a limited supply of caregivers that are concentrated in high population areas. BeHealth Solutions’ self-guided digital therapeutics overcome those barriers, making effective and affordable help available on a mass scale,” said Jack Murray, Partner of Murray-Bertron.


“Our highly scalable solutions can be used at a population level to address highly prevalent and costly healthcare issues such as insomnia, which has an economic burden of over $100 billion annually in the US,” said Joe Jennings, CEO of BeHealth.  “Our digital health expertise, proprietary technology platform, and established relationships with top digital health researchers around the world position us well to create a platform of best-in-class digital therapeutics.”

SHUTi Founders Present at Sleep 2015

SHUTi founders presented at SLEEP 2015, June 6-10, Seattle


  • 0678 – Impact of Internet-Delivered CBT for Insomnia on Depression Symptoms in Adults At-Risk for Major Depression: Results of an RCT Comparing Online CBT-I vs. a Health Website

  • 0654 – Treatment Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Noninferiority Trial to Test if Online CBT-I is Noninferior to Face-to-Face CBT-I

  • 0638 – Evaluating the Efficacy of Internet-based CBT-I for Adults with Insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial

  • 0637 – Comparing Outcome and Adherence Data for an Internet-Delivered CBT for Insomnia Program Across 5 Different Settings: What Implications Are There for Dissemination


BeHealth Presents at TechBUZZ 2015

BeHealth Solutions joined an elite group of start-ups presenting at the Mid-Atlantic Venture (MAVA) TechBUZZ2015 in March 2015.  

See photos and event details here:  TechBUZZ2015

Internet Intervention - Behaviors Associated with Skin Cancer Risk

Development of an Internet Intervention to Address

Behaviors Associated with Skin Cancer Risk among Young Adults


Carolyn Heckman a, Susan Darlowa, Teja Munshia, Carolyn Carusob, Lee Ritterbandb,c, Stephanie Raivitcha, Linda Fleishera, Sharon Manned




Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US, and its incidence is increasing. The major risk factor for skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV). Young adults tend to expose themselves to large amounts of UV and engage in minimal skin protection, which increases their skin cancer risk. Interventions are needed to address risk behaviors among young adults that may lead to skin cancer. The internet offers a cost-effective way to widely disseminate efficacious interventions. The current paper describes the development of an online skin cancer risk reduction intervention ( for young adults.



The iterative development process for followed best-practice guidelines and included the following activities: individual interviews, focus groups, content development by the expert team, acceptability testing, cognitive interviewing for questionnaires, quality control testing, usability testing, and a pilot randomized controlled trial. Participant acceptability and usability feedback was assessed.


Principal Results:

The development process produced an evidence-informed intervention that is individually-tailored, interactive, and multimedia in nature based on the Integrative Model of Behavior Prediction, a model for internet interventions, and other best-practice recommendations, expert input, as well as user acceptability and usability feedback gathered before, during, and after development.


Major Conclusions:

Development of an acceptable intervention intended to have a significant public health impact requires a relatively large investment in time, money, expertise, and ongoing user input. Lessons learned and recommendations are discussed. The comprehensive process used may help prepare others interested in creating similar behavioral health interventions.

Recent Talks by BeHealth Staff

  • Ritterband, L. M.  (2015, April 16).  Getting SHUTi around the world.  Presentation at the Innovations in Health Psychology Conference, Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

  • Ritterband, L., Thorndike, F., Lord, H., Frederick, C., Gonder-Frederick, L., Ingersoll, K., Quigg, M., & Morin, C.  (2014, October)  Post and 6 Month Post Results of a US National Trial of an Internet Intervention for Insomnia Spain_Thorndike_20141025153130 (2) (1)(SHUTi).  Paper presentation at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII), Valencia, Spain.

  • Thorndike, F., Ritterband, L., Lord, H., Gonder-Frederick, L., & Morin, C.  (2014, October)  Comparing outcome and adherence data of an Internet intervention for insomnia across multiple studies and settings.  Paper presentation at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII), Valencia, Spain.

  • Heckman, C., Darlow, S., Ritterband, L., Munshi, T., Caruso, C., Raivitch, S., & Manne, S.  (2014, October)<>:  A Tailored Internet Intervention for Skin Cancer Risk Reduction in Young Adults.  A demonstration presentation at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII), Valencia, Spain.

  • Chambers, S., Dunn, J., Aitken, J., Scuffham, P., Morris, B., Baade, P., Youl, P., Thorndike, F., & Ritterband, L.  (2014, October).  Demonstration of an Internet Intervention for Adults Coping with Cancer-Related Distress.  A demonstration presentation at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII), Valencia, Spain.

  • Hommel, K., Ryan, J., Thorndike, F., & Ritterband, L.  (2014, October).  Demonstration of an Internet Intervention for Youth with Irritable Bowel Disease.  A demonstration presentation at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on  ISRII 2014Internet Interventions (ISRII), Valencia, Spain.

  • E-health interventions.  Symposium presentation at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII), Valencia, Spain.emental low intensityRiper, H., et al., & Ritterband, L.  (Discussant).  (2014, October).  Implementation and upscaling of

  • Ritterband, L.  (Chair).  (2014, October).  Dissemination and commercialization of eHealth interventions.  Symposium presentation at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII), Valencia, Spain.

Novant Health offers online treatment program for insomnia

Novant Health Sleep is offering a new online treatment program for patients with insomnia. SHUTi ™, or Sleep Healthy Using the Internet ™, is a six-week interactive online program for adults with insomnia. This online therapy provides short-term improvements and long-term relief for insomnia through learning modules and guides tailored to individual sleep goals.

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep problems with nearly 1 in 10 adults suffering from it. Individuals with insomnia have the perception or complaint of inadequate or poor-quality sleep and usually experience difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night, waking up too early in the morning, anxiety or frustration about sleep or daytime fatigue or low energy. Insomnia may be associated with other sleep problems that can have complications that include obesity and increased risk or severity of long-term diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Psychiatric problems like depression or anxiety may have a component associated with insomnia.

“Millions of people suffer from insomnia,” said Carolyn Campo, Novant Health’s director of sleep operations. “Before SHUTi™ was available, it was difficult and expensive to get insomnia treated. SHUTi™ allows Novant Health to embrace everyone that comes to us in a more affordable, convenient way.”

SHUTi™ is an easy to use program that improves quality of sleep from the comfort of the user’s home. This can be a great alternative to sleeping medication, as it helps patients learn better sleep habits and overcome the underlying cause of their sleep problems.

Users are asked to keep online sleep journals to track their individual sleep patterns and issues. Their entries in these sleep journals are then analyzed and used to give personalized advice and even specific bedtimes. Using a technique called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, SHUTi™ helps people with insomnia identify and change thoughts or behaviors that influence sleep patterns. Research has shown that 73% of participants no longer had clinical levels of insomnia after using SHUTi™. These results are similar to face-to-face therapy with a sleep therapist.​

SHUTi Partners with Welltrinsic Network

BeHealth Solutions, the parent company for SHUTi™, and Welltrinsic Sleep Network have announced an agreement making SHUTi the network’s exclusive platform for online cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). The partnership was announced at June 4,  2014 at the SLEEP 2014 Conference.


SHUTi, short for Sleep Healthy Using the Internet, is an innovative 6-week program for adults with insomnia that can be completed entirely online from the privacy and comfort of home. Users typically spend about 1 hour per week in the interactive program to complete all six modules. SHUTi combines cognitive behavioral therapy strategies with personalized sleep recommendations keyed to each user’s individual sleep patterns.


“This partnership will increase patient access to high quality, integrated sleep care for the millions of people in the US who suffer from chronic insomnia,” says Welltrinsic Sleep Network President and CEO Dr Lawrence Epstein, in a release. “CBT-I is an essential element of a comprehensive sleep medicine practice, and SHUTi eliminates potential barriers to care by enabling sleep specialists to connect patients with an effective therapy that can be completed conveniently at home.”

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) reports that about 10% of adults have a chronic insomnia disorder. A safe and effective treatment that produces long-term results, CBT-I is recommended by the AASM for chronic insomnia. However, patient access to CBT-I has been restricted by the limited supply of trained providers. Currently, there are about 200 behavioral sleep medicine specialists who are certified by the AASM.

“SHUTi has been scientifically validated in clinical research trials funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted at the University of Virginia,” says BeHealth Solutions CEO Joe Jennings. “This research shows that SHUTi can achieve sleep improvements comparable to those seen in face-to-face CBT-I. SHUTi users get better and stay better.”

Currently, the Welltrinsic Sleep Network is offering free membership enrollment to board certified sleep medicine physicians. Network members will receive the best pricing available for SHUTi, which eventually will feature data integration with Somnoware (the exclusive data management platform for the network), according to Welltrinsic. SHUTi also features the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI), giving sleep medicine physicians a streamlined method of screening patients for insomnia.

Additional information may be found at:

Welltrinsic Services